“Our beliefs control our bodies, our minds and thus our lives…”

~ Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

 Changing your subconscious beliefs to heal your mind, body and spirit

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There is only one cause for all of Human Suffering and disease; Broken Relationships.  But broken relationships are not limited to just our intimate partners or significant others; although our intimate relationships can create the most heartache or joy and the greatest impact on our illness or health. 

There are five broken relationships that create the very illness and symptoms you are experiencing: 

A broken relationship with your Body & Self; we have believed misinformation and lies about our value and worth based on the environment of our family programming, our church, faith or teachers. The result is a disconnect from ourselves and our sexuality which is our creative force energy which results in an inability to trust ourselves, which is our connection to truth. 

A broken relationship with Others: you’ve believed lies about your value or worth and have placed your joy or happiness secondary to someone else’s, creating a power imbalance. The result is no self-love and a disconnection from self which is truth. 

A broken relationship with the Divine; you’ve believed lies about who God is and where you fit in Divine order and the Divine in you. The result is confusion about who you are which is a disconnection from self

A broken relationship with Food; the health and nutrition of our food and our perceptions of how, what and why to eat, particularly for women. The result is a disconnection from listening to what your body needs to maintain health.

A broken relationship with the Environment; we have become disconnected from the earth and nature. This results in an energetic disconnect from the web of life of which you are an integral part; living in a state of competition instead of cooperation. 

All of these broken relationships are based on lies. Our bodies’ are intelligent and recognize lies even if your intellect doesn’t. Our bodies’ speak to us in symptoms and disease and only get louder and louder as we repress the symptoms with pharmaceuticals, distractions and addictions.  The symptoms you are experiencing are your bodies way of telling you what isn’t truth and to pay attention.

These broken relationships are antagonistic to our physical, emotional and spiritual health. The products of brokenness are three things; Trauma, Toxins and our Thoughts. Trauma is the inevitable result of living in a world that’s gone mad, out of alignment with love and dominated by the abuse of power. Toxins are chemicals created in our bodies in response to the Fight, Flight or Freeze response and our Thoughts are what keep pumping those chemicals into our bodies; creating inflammation and illness.  Your reality is created by your ‘beliefs’. These beliefs, usually subconscious, are often the result of lifelong programming and represent a powerful influence on human behavior. Studies in neuroscience indicate that at least 95% of our behavior is directed from subconscious programming. 

Have you been searching for answers but don’t even know where to start? Have you hit a dead-end in healing your body, emotions and spirit? 

Are you tired of feeling anxious and depressed?

Are you suffering with unexplained or unresolved health issues that you’ve been told don’t have a cure or can only be managed? 

Do you feel disconnected from your spirituality and purpose?

Have you been told that your trauma is a disorder and that you may NEVER fully recover? 

Despite what we’ve told from the medical community, healing from traumatic experiences, autoimmune disorders and stress and anxiety related illness is entirely possible and needn’t take many years of therapy or permanent pharmaceutical intervention. Recovery, abundance and Happiness is possible!   

You CAN create a life you love and live in harmony with yourself, others and the planet despite the crazy current circumstances!

Our medical system and religious paradigms have taught us to mask, manage and sedate our misery and disease instead of empowering us to take charge of our health and spirituality; be present in the truth of our emotions and identify the sources (Trauma, Toxins or Thoughts). In the final analysis, all problems are spiritual problems with physical side effects. The ability to change limiting beliefs that keep us from recognizing our divinity, discovering our greatness, and becoming the peace and love we seek is available to anyone who is ready to make the leap! 

~ Karyn Lynn Payton

Stop Looking Back!


“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

~ C J Jung

Client Testimonials

“Before beginning my sessions with Karyn I was facing so much confusion and had spent so much time turning in circles about my relationship. She helped me to see my circumstances and situation clearly and to be at peace about my direction. I feel like I’m on a path to live the life God intended for me and I am finally beginning to move into rapid healing. My depression has lifted quickly and I am so thankful to have a partner in my healing journey. Thank you, Karyn!”

Sonja T. Millersville, PA

“Before I met with Karyn, I was struggling with severe, lingering symptoms from mononucleosis.  It had already been around four months of fatigue, and my lower back pain was constant.  Low energy led to me resting and laying down, which led to increased lower back pain.  It seemed like a never-ending cycle.  I kept an open mind when I received the healing sessions, and am still baffled with the immediate results.  Within half an hour of the session, my back pain disappeared.  It felt strong again.  The next morning, I actually woke up with energy and a positive outlook on the day, envisioning that I might go on a walk that day.  This would have been unheard of during my months of fatigue.  I never had the thought of wanting to be active.  I’m so glad that I happened to connect with Karyn and gave her healing sessions a try.  I know that pain can come back if we focus too much on it, but at that time, I will reach out to Karyn again.”

Crystal H, Mercer Island, WA

“After just one session with Karyn, I woke up the next morning with renewed energy. I felt like I slept for the first time in months. The quantum healing we did the day before left me feeling lighter like a weight had been lifted. Over the next week, I was able to make major strides in overcoming a major energy block that had been holding me back in certain aspects of my life for years. I was able to take on challenges in those areas of my life with greater confidence because I was operating at such a higher vibrational frequency.  And I know that is continued because I am attracting such positive energy back into my life as a result. I am so grateful to Karyn for giving me this experience it was truly life-changing. I cannot wait to work with her further to see what else is possible!”

Kelly D. Ph.D., Phoenix, AZ

“During my session with Karyn, I could feel energies shifting and things changing. It was a calming experience but one that cracked some things open in me that definitely needed to be cracked open. After the first session, I noticed more clarity of mind, an explosion in my business, and even a bit of a weight release in the following days. I could feel things moving and shifting for a couple of days after. I really believe Karyn is a gifted and intuitive healing facilitator. I am so grateful for the time she spent with me to help me release these blockages. Quite a different experience than any other session I’ve ever had but I really enjoyed it and feel it was a positive experience.”

Janet T, Boise, ID

“I reached out to Karyn as I had many limiting beliefs in my life – mostly around my value and who I was as a woman that manifested in my ability to make money and live without being ‘under the umbrella’ of a man’s ‘headship’. I have to admit, my life has changed since I started working with Karyn. I still must take the action steps on a daily basis, but inside of me, I am now fearless on a deep level and I really believe that I am worthy of success and a loving relationship. I highly recommend working with Karyn. She is such a kind person and her energy is incredible.” 

Kayla Jo, Nashville, TN

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