Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

Transform your subconscious beliefs that get in the way of achieving your conscious goals

I know PSYCH-K energy balancing technology is effective because it radically changed my life. More important, over the last few years I have heard from hundreds of people around the world who have used PSYCH-K to successfully take charge of their lives.

Bruce H Lipton, Ph.D., author of The Biology of Belief

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Healing Modalities

The Latin word ‘Pneuma’ means the vital spirit, soul or creative force of a person. This is the aspect of ourselves that is lost usually as a child by the systematic devaluing we experience within the framework of our family and from our parents who were unaware of the deep limiting programs they were instilling in us.

During an Integrated Healing session, we work with the body’s energy systems and the subconscious mind to identify and release the trauma or emotional blocks which are stuck in a person’s energy system and which are causing (and perpetuating) an issue, problem or fear. This allows the body’s innate natural healing abilities to flow freely, enabling the mind, body and spirit to return to a state of balance and good health.

In our sessions, we focus on integrating your authentic self (spirituality) with your body. You will gain the tools to release the energy located in your body that is creating the symptoms of C-PTSD, depression, and anxiety. You will experience a true connection with your soul self and the release of energetic trauma. We will create new empowering beliefs that support the life your conscious mind desires and a renewed hope for the complete healing of body, mind, and spirit.


PSYCH–K is a simple, safe and effective way to change self-limiting beliefs at the subconscious level of the mind, where nearly all human behavior – both constructive and destructive originates. Characterized as a kind of spiritual process with psychological benefits, PSYCH-K’s purpose is to accelerate individual and global evolution by aligning subconscious beliefs with conscious wisdom from the worlds great spiritual and intellectual traditions. It makes wisdom a self-fulfilling prophecy instead of a day to day struggle. It aligns what you know intellectually in the conscious mind with the subconscious mind which is where true change can happen to transform your life. 

PSYCH-K®  can quickly transform stress and change habits, so you can accomplish your goals and enhance your life. Self-help methods fail or produce temporary results because they only communicate with the conscious mind. The missing piece is the ability to align our subconscious beliefs with our conscious goals. It is not enough to rely on insights, positive thinking, motivation, good intentions and will-power to make lasting changes in our lives. We must do something different by learning how to change our subconscious beliefs. PSYCH-K is based on years of split brain research, also known as Brain Dominance Theory. It provides a variety of ways to quickly identify and transform beliefs that ‘limit’ you into beliefs that ‘support’ you, in any area of your life.  Many people harbor self-limiting beliefs subconscious beliefs in the areas of spirituality, self-esteem, health and body issues, financial abundance, relationships or career. Creating a ‘whole-brain state’ creates heightened spiritual awareness, improved recall, dramatically increased creativity and increased problem-solving. In essence, we can have a happier, healthier, more satisfying and sustainable life.

Karyn is one of a small number of advanced PSYCH-K facilitators in the Pacific Northwest. She is also included on the official PSYCH-K website referral page for trained PSYCH-K Preferred Affiliates.


Please note: the PSYCH-K process is strictly limited to the modification of the beliefs and perceptions at the subconscious level of the mind. Its purpose is to stimulate the natural mind/body self-healing process in order to complement, not replace, the usual, customary and reasonable treatment, therapy and care practiced by a certified healthcare practitioner. The PSYCH-K process is not designed to diagnose or treat, heal or cure any disease or physical disability, medical problem or chronic or acute mental illness.

Your Reality is Created by Your Beliefs

Biofield Healing ™

Biofield Healing Is a simple, yet profound, ancient healing art in which life force energy is transmitted to a person’s biofiled (energy body) by a certified practitioner. This healing energy stimulates the body’s own auto-healing response, so that the patient can effectively and naturally heal themselves as the body in designed to do. Energy Healing is based on the principle that the body is self-repairing and intelligent. The physical body possesses the ability to heal itself and the healing process is accelerated by increasing the frequency and vibration to assist one in achieving a state of balance, health and wellness. Biofield Energy Healing is a non-touch healing therapy that works on a quantum level addressing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances simultaneously. It is the art and science of consciously bringing vibrational frequencies back into harmonic alignment, returning you to an optimal state of balance.

Everything is energy vibrating at a particular frequency. Think of illness as a low vibration and health as a high vibration. Energetic patterns of (dis-ease) can be changed by being exposed to the proper frequency which raises the vibratory rate of the biofield. When the vibration is high enough, the low vibration (illness) can no longer hold its form. These highly palpable frequencies are often easily felt and continue working on you long after your session has ended. 

While science continues to explore how it works, healing has been confirmed and documented in more than a dozen international studies.
Biofield therapies are now becoming more and more available as major hospitals and medical schools, (including UCLA, Stanford, and Columbia), are integrating this powerful method of stress management and inner healing into mainstream medicine.

After conducting many scientific studies, Stanford quantum physicist Dr. William Tiller states that these healing frequencies go “beyond what has been classically known as ‘Energy healing into a broader spectrum of Energy, Light, and Information”. 


Quantum Energy Transformation (QET) ™

This is a non-touch energy modality. Quantum Energy Medicine is a healing technique to correct energy imbalance in the human body by activating the natural healing resources present within and thereby addressing any physical, mental or behavioral and emotional problems. QET ™ involves moving the root energy (trauma), causing the problem at the cellular level of the body. This creates a permanent shift in the body by restructuring the cellular tissue and releasing the root and cause of illness. It activates the innate intelligence of the body to heal itself. This is a science-based modality working with raising the frequency and vibration of the whole body and the field of information around the body.

Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.

~ Mahatma Gandhi