“Truly the greatest gift we can give is that of our own transformation”

~ Bruce H. Lipton, PH.D.

Delivering Truth, Clarity & Consciousness to our Mishandled Human Condition

Private Sessions

Energy Healing or PSYCH-K Belief Change sessions can be booked individually or in blocks. Although my clients receive benefits from just one session, the benefits of a block of multiple sessions where you can identify your goals and health challenges are recommended, We will uncover the issues that are blocking your goals and work through my proven system to release and transform the energy keeping you stuck, then create the beliefs at the subconscious level that will propel you to the life that was intended for you.

Coaching & Energy Sessions are conducted over the phone, Zoom, or Skype.

We live in a chaotic time where people are sick, stressed, and shut off from their authentic, powerful, and purpose-filled lives. The work I offer is my contribution to raising the consciousness of individuals and the planet. This is a waking up process and was my own journey. 

1 Session – 60-75 min. $150

Package of 3 Sessions – $420

Package of 5 Sessions – $675

Package of 10 Sessions – $1300

                                                  SCHEUDLE YOUR TRANSFORMATION TODAY

“What a gift Karyn is to the world! Her sessions have been the most life changing thing I have done for myself. We quickly get to the root of the situation, and the shifts are immediate! Because of Karyn’s work, I have let go of shame and guilt about the past, have owned the fact that I have needs and emotions and that I trust them, and I have confidence in my ability to make good decisions. The best part is that I believe these things down to my core. The changes I have seen in myself have altered the path that my life is on in all the BEST ways! Karyn truly gave me my life back! Thank you!”

                                                                                           ~ Emma C  – May 2020



So tell me, what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? 

~ Mary Oliver